CDX enables the secure exchange of transactional workers’ compensation data by providing insurers and their data reporters a common platform for submitting data to, and accessing data from, CDX members. Specifically, CDX will:

  • Provide insurers the tools and interfaces necessary for the timely and complete exchange of data with the independent Data Collection Organizations that comprise the CDX membership
  • Facilitate data reporting in accordance with the WCIO’s national reporting standards
  • Seek continuous improvement to optimize the efficiency of the data exchange process and to respond to the evolving needs of insurers

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Terms and Conditions

TO APPLY, complete and submit a  User Management Group (UMG) Insurer Primary Administrator Application

CDX Notifications and Updates

  • 9/25/2019 IMPORTANT:  CDX website and FTP site changes scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd

    CDX is pleased to announce the upcoming rollout of their new website:  This new site will provide improved navigation along with a more modern presentation.  On November 2nd, the CDX website and FTP site will be unavailable and will transition to  After November 2nd, CDX will automatically redirect users to the new site and users should update saved bookmarks and links. 

    FTP users will have until Saturday, January 4th, 2020, to make any associated FTP configuration changes. 


    As of March 2nd, 2019, CDX will no longer support the IDEA-CBC-SHA cipher for the FTPS server. The removal of this cipher is due in part to its security vulnerability as well as to our increased efforts to continue to provide safe and secure transmission of your data. If you are using the IDEA-CBC-SHA cipher, please take the necessary steps to disable it from your FTPS clients or server products before the above stated date to ensure uninterrupted transmission of data to CDX.

  • 11/5/2018 Single Sign On (SSO) Update
    NJ now joins DE, PA, MA, MI, MN, NC and NY in offering Single Sign On to CDX users.  Please reference the CDX user guide for further instructions for using Single Sign On.
  • 10/20/2018 CDX Maintenance and IP Address Change Complete
    CDX has completed maintenance on their servers.  Please contact CDX Central Support at should you encounter any issues.  Please note that the IP addresses for all of the ACCCT domain names changed.  In the event your firewall requires IP addresses to be whitelisted, please submit these new IP addresses to your network administrators to avoid interruption of service sending or receiving files.

Record Retention and Deletion Policy:

Records deleted on a daily basis:

  • EXRs that have an expiration date older than 2 years and an issue date older than 2 years
  • Policies that have an expiration date older than 2 years and an entry date older than 2 years
  • delete any USRs that meet the following criteria:
    • Have a most recent submission date that is older than 3 years or
    • Have not been submitted and have an entry date older than 3 years.

See the PEEP and BEEP User Guides for additional archive information

For more information, contact